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    Gangbin, Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The world's second largest warm current Kuroshio flows through the east coast of Taiwan and brings shoals of migratory fish to the waters near Hualien. Ocean sunfish (曼波魚), sailfish (旗魚), and dolphinfish (鯕鰍) are common visitors to Hualien Fishing Harbor. At the fish market here, you will find fish balls freshly made from dolphinfish every day. The most authentic way is to order the seafood from various vendors and have them cooked by your favorite restaurant in the market, so you can sate your craving right on the spot and save on the dishes. Doesn’t it sound like the best dining option ever?

Located at the northeastern tip of Hualien, Hualien Fishing Harbor is a man-made harbor and one of the four main commercial harbors in Taiwan. It is only ten minutes’ drive away from downtown Hualien, and many tourists arrive at this whale-watching wharf to take a ride on the boat and sail on the Pacific Ocean – let the wild and happy dolphins surprise you from every possible direction.


Hualien - Half Day River Trekking

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