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Provincial Highway 14 Jia, commonly known as the Hehuanshan Highway, is the highest paved road in Taiwan. Running from Wushe to Dayuling, this incredibly scenic highway has a total length of 41 kilometers and will lead you to the highest point in the Taiwanese highway system: Hehuan Wuling at an altitude of 3,275 meters. Except for Cingjing Farm, there are not many commercial activities along this highway, thus offering the drive a relatively quiet atmosphere. The scenic highway stays open during the winter and guarantees great winter views. Winter road conditions often include snow and ice, which are quite a rarity in a subtropical island.

Plenty of attractions along the highway give you a taste of the area's natural beauty, inclusive of Cuifeng, Yuanfeng, Kunyang, Wuling, Song Syue Lodge, Kenanguan, Xiaofengkou, and finally Dayuling. The first section of the highway, from Wushe to Cuifeng, is located within the area of Cingjing Farm, where a significant number of shops, guesthouses and two gas stations can be expected. This is also the most congested section of the highway — weekends can be pretty busy with traffic. The section between Kunyang and Xiaofengkou is located within the Hehuanshan National Forest Area. There is no tunnel, and for a great portion of this distance, the highway will traverse ridges that will allow scenic vistas. As you drive, continue to pay close attention to the grip of your tires on the road. Drive particularly slowly through turns and avoid sharp turns especially on inclines. Have a safe drive and loads of fun!


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