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With a total length of 1.3 kilometers, Little Chilai Trail is a mild, family-friendly hike as well as good source of exercise for children of all ages. The entrance is right in front of Ski Villa (滑雪山莊), and a return hike will only take approximately four hours. After proceeding through a fir forest and a lush growth of arrow bamboo, you will see a dramatic skyline of mountains that float above forested wildernesses. Once you reach the highest point of the trail at 3,150 meters, Hehuan Main Peak (合歡主峰) – one of the 100 iconic peaks soaring over 3,000 meters in Taiwan – will be in sight. When the sky is clear, you might even spot the highest peak in Taiwan: Yushan (玉山). Continue to make your way up along Little Chilai Trail and you will reach the notoriously challenging Chilaishan (奇萊山) at the altitude of 3,605 meters above sea level.

As the mist tends to roll in during the afternoon, be sure to allow sufficient time to complete the hike before noontime. Little Chilai Trail can be easily explored without special hiking equipment, but senior citizens are advised to bring a trekking pole and to wear hiking boots for foot and ankle support. This trail is very safe, so you can rest assured that it is going to be a great hike. To ensure effective communication during the hike, Taroko National Park management has even set up signboards indicating where you might probably get the most signal bars on your phone. For those who have completed Little Chilai Trail and would like to go further, please note that experience and equipment are essential for a safe trip.


For current trail conditions, please check Taroko National Park Official Website.

The entrance is located at the 33km mark of Provincial Highway 14 (near Ski Villa).

Permits are required to enter Little Chilai. Please click here to find out what documents you need to apply for a permit.


  • Trail Condition:
    Taroko National Park Official Website
  • Entrance:
    Located at 33km on Highway 14 (near to Ski Villa).
  • Applying mountain access permit is required. Check here to know more about the nesscery documents and proceduere.

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