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    Renhe Rd., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located within Hehuanshan National Forest Area, Hehuan Wuling with an altitude of 3,275 meters is the highest point in the Taiwanese highway system. When the sky in clear, this highly raved spot becomes the perfect location to appreciate the sea of clouds, the sunset and the Milky Way that spread out before you in all its glory. Crux can even be seen in the sky from April to June.

Hehuan Wuling sits between the Main Peak and the East Peak. Due to its high altitude, no matter the season, you can expect a crisp 15⁰C to set the perfect wintertime mood for your visit, which is a pleasant change from the tropical climate down below. In winter, the mountain top will be capped with snow, and crowds of tourists flock to this white winter paradise. To the east, there is a lookout that allows visitors to take in the magnificent views of Hehuanshan, Qilaishan and Nanhu Mountain. When the night falls, many photography enthusiasts will be spotted geared up to capture incredible Milky Way photographs. Forget about Alishan as the sunrise up on Hehuan Wuling is unbeatable. The golden hued rays of sunrise softly caress the horizon with the mountains bathed in the glow of the rising sun. Every single second is a marvel itself, but you have to see it for yourself.


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    Located at 31.5km on Highway 14.

Hehuanshan - A Hiking Adventure for All Abilities

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