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With an altitude of 3,422 meters, Hehuan North Peak is the highest among all the other peaks of Hehuanshan, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a spectacular view of the heart-thumping sunrise and the golden sunset from the top of Hehuanshan. As a matter of fact, Hehuan North Peak is an individual mountain of its own and does not appear to be part of the range. The trail that leads you to Hehuan North Peak runs through a lush growth of arrow bamboo, and the huge metal communication screen on top is the primary landmark here, commonly known as a “microflector.” The flatland in front of the microflector looks like a vast grassy field from far off and is a great location to see snow in winter.

If you are lucky enough, you might be amazed by a beautiful sea of clouds in autumn. However, this trail is not an easy one, so be prepared that it might take up to 4 to 6 hours for a round trip. If you are a seasoned hiker who enjoy fantastic panoramic views and plan on conquering the 100 iconic peaks soaring over 3,000 meters in Taiwan, why not start from the relatively friendly Hehuan North Peak?


For current trail conditions, please check Taroko National Park Official Website.

The entrance is located at the 37.1km mark of Provincial Highway 14.

Permits are required to enter Hehuan North peak. Please click here to find out what documents you need to apply for a permit.


  • Trail Condition:
    Taroko National Park Official Website
  • Entrance:
    Located at 37.1km on Highway 14.
  • Applying mountain access permit is required. Check here to know more about the nesscery documents and proceduere.

Hehuanshan - A Hiking Adventure for All Abilities

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