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Hehuan Main Peak, located in the Hehuan Mountain Range, is one of Taiwan's 100 peaks. It can be completed in about 2 hours (depending on individual fitness), making it a great choice for beginners. The view from the top is unobstructed, with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The transportation to Hehuan is also relatively convenient, with the trailhead located next to a public road. Even if you don't drive yourself or take a chartered tour, you can still visit this beautiful mountain of 3,417 meters by taking a bus.

In addition to Hehuan Main Peak, the Hehuan Mountain Range includes Shihmen Mountain, Hehuan East Peak, Hehuan North Peak, and Hehuan West Peak. Shihmen Mountain and Hehuan East Peak are also relatively easy to climb, and both are included in the 100 peaks. It is usually possible to complete the three peaks of Hehuan Main Peak, Shihmen Mountain, and Hehuan East Peak in one day, which is very cost-effective! The other two peaks, Hehuan North Peak and Hehuan West Peak, are longer, so you may need two days and one night to complete them, and camp on the mountain.


Hehuanshan - A Hiking Adventure for All Abilities

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