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Surrounded by Hehuan Summit Peak (合歡尖山) and Shimenshan (石門山) to the north, Hehuan Main Peak (合歡主峰) to the west as well as Chilaishan (奇萊山) to the east, Hehuan East Peak is the center mountain among the rest. Continuing to hike upwards, you will encounter the old cable car station that was used for military training during the winter. Once you reach there, it means that the summit is not far off and with a bit more work, you would be on top of Hehuan East Peak.

The top of Hehuan East Peak is also a prime location for sunrise. Waking up early can be a real pain, but when the vast sea of clouds presents itself in a range of cotton candy and the sun starts to brighten the horizon, you will understand it is all worth the efforts. Besides, many photography enthusiasts also come here to watch the sun go down. After sunset, a long exposure facing the west will get you some amazing photos of the purple starry night sky in motion, and the traffic trails will no doubt create a dramatic impression for your photograph.

Every May, the sight of azaleas blooming serves as a sign that spring is here. Hordes of hikers and tourists flood to Hehuan East Peak to appreciate these bunches of red, white and pink gems – for sure it is a scene that flower lovers should not miss out on.


For current trail conditions, please check Taroko National Park Official Website.

The entrance is located at the 33km mark of Provincial Highway 14 (near Ski Villa).

Allow sufficient time to complete the hike before 2pm as the mist tends to roll in during the afternoon.


  • Trail Condition:
    Taroko National Park Official Website
  • Entrance:
    Located at 33km on Highway 14 (near to Ski Villa).
  • It is often misty in the afternoon, so it's better to finsh the trail before 2pm. 

Hehuanshan - A Hiking Adventure for All Abilities

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