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    No.29, Fushou Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Do you know where to catch Taiwan’s trees in full glory as the forests turn orange in late autumn? In Taichung, these Japanese maples paint the Fushoushan Farm red with their gorgeously shaded leaves and provide a colorful backdrop for family days out. They are particularly colorful in November, in a blaze of red, orange and yellow. In October, you will find yourself floating on a pink sea of cosmos flowers with the magnificent Xueshan (Snow Mountain) as a dramatic backdrop.

Fushoushan Farm was originally used for growing fruits and vegetables to supply the soldiers who were building the Central Cross-Island Highway at the time. After the completion of the construction, these veterans decided to settle here for good, and a number of aborigines joined them later. The government helped them find a new way to make a living, and they started to develop Cingjing Farm, Fushoushan Farm and Wuling Farm, where peaches, plums, pears, spinach and cabbages are grown. So far, Fushoushan Farm has been the most successful one.

With an altitude of 2,500, Fushoushan Farm is ideal for growing high mountain tea trees. The fluctuations in temperature between day and night result in these trees growing at a slow rate, accumulating more flavor. Their leaves turn out to be surprisingly soft and make some very fragrant tea that will lift your mood and stimulate your senses with every sip.

Besides, there is a very family-friendly campground at Fushoushan Farm, where eco-centric tours are available and allow for an in-depth experience. For those who seek up-close encounters with nature, Fushoushan Farm won’t disappoint.


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