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Most countries do not possess mountains higher than three thousand meters. Even if they do, visitors still have to climb with heavy equipment in order to get on the clouds. However, in Taiwan, it only takes a three-hour drive from the downtown to reach Wuling, a mountain at an altitude of 3275 meters. Another hour of hiking brings visitors to Hehuan Main Peak, where clouds gather on the ridges. Before the sun sinks into sea of clouds, afterglow of the sun makes a red sky. Visitors who stay a night at Song Syue Lodge can clearly see the galaxy over the skyline. In winter, Hehuan North Peak is indeed covered by silver white snow. Driving further into the mountains, visitors arrive at Dayuling, where grows the best tea in Taiwan. What's more, the maple leaves and cosmos flowers in Fushoushan offer breathtaking scenery.

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Hehuanshan - A Hiking Adventure for All Abilities