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    No.60, Qiaoxia, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The East Rift Valley is home to so many beautiful things such as the serene Liyu Lake and its neighboring Take Sunny B&B, a homely guesthouse that strives to tantalize discerning palates with healthy, delicious and varying tastes and flavors every single morning. When the sunlight shines through the large windows, guests wake up to the breathtaking mountain views as well as the fabulous fragrance coming from the open kitchen. The host is a dietitian and couldn’t understand why the breakfast experience can be quite disappointing at most Taiwanese guesthouses these days – outright bad food, cheap quality and horrible taste. She then decided to do what she does best: pleasing all fussy taste buds with the healthiest goodies possible. Prepared with love and loads of local fruits and veggies, the breakfast is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. With minimalist seasoning, the simple taste of these goodies delivers the very essence of the ingredients and meanwhile brings out their natural texture and original flavor.

Even though the food preparation can be tedious and tiring, the host insists on using the freshest produce and working with local organic farms to make sure that all the food source is safe. The menu changes irregularly based on what's best in season. When we visited Take Sunny B&B in early July, we got to appreciate the garlic olive toast made with fresh basil and nuts, the red wine and cheese bread, the pan-fried rosemary chicken, the apple & mashed potato salad drizzled with natural honey, the refreshing green salad made from entirely local produce, and the appetizing tomatoes made with red wine and plums. Of course, we were also served the seasonal fruits in Hualien, which put a heavenly end to our meal. But you never know what surprises you will have on your table as the host obviously overflows with creativity!

When you are on vacation, a good night’s sleep is what it’s all about, but really, let’s face the music here: getting a good night's sleep is never as easy as we think it’s going to be, especially when you are away from home. The host happens to have a good knowledge of mattresses as she used to work in the industry. The guests will be sleeping on the best mattresses — the ones that are neither too hard nor too soft — and get to choose between traditional pillows and memory foam pillows for their own comfort. Absolute cleanliness is another key priority for Take Sunny B&B, where guests are assured of a warm welcome and a very enjoyable stay.

The interiors are simple and elegant in a minimal design — it’s like a children’s colorful playroom. The wooden furniture and floors add a rustic and warm touch to the guesthouse, and the carefully selected chairs with armrests allow you to sit back and relax, enjoying your breakfast in the most perfect of settings. Each room has a large bathtub overlooking the mountains, where you can soak away your city stress while looking at the spectacular views from your bath — this is what the host herself loves to do when she’s traveling and she’s trying to bring the same joy to her guests. The vibe is laid back, and the place itself is kid-friendly. From meals, rooms to interiors, Take Sunny B&B endeavors to create a heaven for families traveling with the little ones. The healthy kids’ breakfast is guaranteed every morning. The family room features a bathroom especially meant for kids, a playground slide, lego bricks, children’s books, and the separate bunk beds that ensures a good night’s sleep of the parents themselves. There is also a variety of double room types: one with high ceilings, one with a fantastic view of the mountains, the other with a huge round bed, a spacious bathroom with glass enclosures, a large bathtub and a skylight placed over the bath for some star gazing in a late night soak — even Qilaishan and Hehuanshan can be spotted in the distance.


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