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Liushidanshan (also called Mt. Liushidan) is famous for Daylily blossom festival from August to September annually. The beautiful land covered with golden Daylily flowers (金針花) impresses every visitor in eastern Taiwan. A pavilion named Wanyou pavilion is situated at the top of the mountain. In Chinese it means “ sorrow forgetting ”. You will forget all the sorrows and worries at the view of vast rift valley landscape.

Even if August and September is the hot season in Liushidanshan, the landscape in off-season with more quiet and mysterious scenery is also attractive, especially during sunset and sunrise period. In the evening, you can see many stars in the night sky as well as the night view of the east valley. In winter, the rapeseed flowers look like the golden carpet on the rift valley. After the great view of sunset on the mountain top, enjoying the Antong Hot Springs (安通溫泉) below Liushidan Mountain would be a great experience in eastern Taiwan.


Hualien - River Rafting

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