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    No.91, Zhongxiao St., Fengshan Vil., Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The village "Fengtian" has ever been the largest source place of Nephrite (soft jade). More than 60% of the Nephrite in the world came from the mine in Central Mountain Range nearby the village during 1962 to 1986. The Jade known for "Fengtian Jade" (豐田玉) is famous throughout the would that time and make the village the most prosperous and affluent in Hualien.

During the energy crisis and economy recession in the world. The loss and deficit cause the mining company closed and no longer did mining in this area. Now the mine is closed and allow no one visit inside. However, there are some jade could be found in the downstream area of the mine: Baibow Stream (白鮑溪), which is a great place to pick the small jade stone.

Have you ever dreamed of making you own jade necklace or decorations? You can walk down to the stream to pick up the Jade, then bring the jade stone back to the factory and polish them by yourself. It's sound interesting and could be regarded as an unique souvinior during the trip in Taiwan.


  • There is no entrance fee. If you would like to experience Jade DIY course and polish your own jade. The charge is TWD450 per person for the material (jade) cost.

Hualien - River Rafting

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