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Harvest festival is the most important and extraordinary ceremony aborigines. In Hualien Region, Amis (阿美族) is the major tribe. Harvest Festival of Amis Tribe is considered the most sacred and holy festival by Amis. They consider it as the persistence of the life of the tribe. It is similar to Chinese New Year to Han people. After the harvest every year, they hold the festival to thank gods, that are the spirits of their ancestors. Usually, the festival is held between July and August. It is based on the times of harvest and it is different from northern to southern Taiwan. Amis believes there are spirits in everything and you have to treat everything with respects. Dancing is a way to show their respects. The dance can only be performed in the festival and it was separated to four parts: preparation, spirits welcoming, the feast, spirits sending away. The whole festival lasts for four days. The welcoming part can only be done by males and the sending away part can only be done by females. Please notice about all the restrictions of the festival and cooperate with the staff. It is a serious matter to violate the rules.


  • Most of festivals are not allowed to visit unless you are a friend of the tribe. Some of tribes are strictly forbidden female attend the festivals. Don't forget to bring some gift if you are invited. Beer and food are welcome. Remember, do not interfere the ceremony. It is the most important thing for them in a year. Please respect their culture. 

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