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    No.161, Guangdong Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Fuyuan Butterfly Valley is one of the best place for eco tour in Taiwan. Due to the suitable climate and unique valley geometry, You can see butterflies (March to August), Fireflies (late March to early May for black-wing fireflies and October for Lanalis Fabricius) in the valley. The crystal clear "Write Stream" flow through this valley, attacting many speices come here and breed.

A Butterfly Eco House create a natural eco system for butterflies to bread and grow by using natural sunlight and rains. You can see different species of butterflies. It's a great place for educating the kids. 

For ourdoor lovers, there are many trail inside the park, one of the best is the "Creek Trail", leading to the highlight of this area: "Long Ying" Waterfall. The water gliding down through the crack of rocks, generating the negative irons to refresh the body and soul. You can also hike up to the "Long Ying Suspension Bridge" to appreciate the bird view of the waterfall.

After the hike in the forest, you can enjoy the outdoor hot spring and spa facilities. The hot spring comes from deep sown the earth of Centail Mountain Ranges would wash the worries away from your city life. 


  • 1. Entrance Fee:
    Adult:TWD100, Children:TWD60, Parking Fee:TWD60.
  • 2. Outdoor Hot Spring & SPA: 
    Adult:TWD250, Children:TWD180
    Opening hours:
    a. weekdays (Mon.~Fri.): 15:00~22:00
    b. weekend (Sat.~Sun.): 11:00~23:00
  • 3. If you would like to watch fireflies, stay overnight here would be a great choice. The "Fuyuan Butterfly Valley Resort" is the only hotel in the valley.

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