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    No.1, Gaoliao, Yuli Township, Hualien County 981, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Chikeshan used to grow Quercus morii (pronounce Chike, 赤柯, in Mandarin) in Japanese Colonial Era. They used the wood to make rifle butts and hence the name. Later on, there were several groups of immigrant from the west of Taiwan, like Hakkas, Pingpu (平埔族), and other Minan groups. They lived here with Amis (阿美族) to form a multi-culture town. After growing different crops in this region, they started to grow daylilies and it was a success.

For now, Chikeshan is famous for daylilies flower blossoming in August and September. It is truly a lovely and picturesque view with golden flowers all over the hills. The weather is also cozy for the altitude is around 900 meters high. It is such bliss to walk or bike around here. However, if you see more flowers, that means they cannot be eaten as food anymore, and that is not a good news for daylily farmers here. That is the reason why in the flower season, farmers will ask for relatives, friends, and contract workers to pluck the buds before they flower. Later on, they expose all buds on the black roofs and yards to dry them. Daylily buds are delicious in all kinds of foods. People sometimes put them in the fried rice noodles, make daylily soup, or simply fry them.


  • Seasons are August and September. Check with us before visiting there.
  • Respect the farmers while enjoying the magnificent view. Please don't spoil the flowers.

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