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The Tropic of Cancer Marker (北回歸線標) is the position in the Northern Hemisphere farthest from the Equator where the sun rays can shine directly down on the Earth. At noon on 22th Jun. every year, when the sun‘s ray shine down vertically on the Tropic of Cancer, the vertical pole shows no shadow at all.

Scientifically, on the northside of the the Tropic of Cancer Marker is temperate zone, while on the south is tropical zone. It is not only a landmark, but also a divide line of argriculture. Taking rice paddies as example, the harvest time on the northside is two annully while on the south is three. 

There are total three Tropic of Cancer Marker in Taiwan, the others two are located in Chiayi and East Rift Valley, respectively. If you do a round-island tour, you can try to collect each of them.