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    No.74, Jihui Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County 961, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In ancient Chinese mythology, there are eight Immortals in the world. It is said that there of them (Sanxian) stay there for a long time and left three large stone, hence form the Sanxiantai Island called Sanxiantai (Sanxian Terraces)

Next to the parking lots is the Sanxiantai Visiotr Center, where you can learn more about this island without making effort. For energetic traveller, you should access eight-arch bridge to Sanxiantai Island. You can see much geologic scenery formed by coral. Along the way, you can observe the plant by the trail, they are salt-resisted plant with think fat leaves and very dry surface.

If your travel style is adventurous, along the trail you can climb up to the top of the island and enjoy the most maginificent view of Pacific Ocean. Although it might be sweaty and tiring, the breeze from the ocean would make you realize that "Hard work pays off". 

Please be aware of the sea wave and tide, do not be too closed to cliff in case of falling down. And the parking fee is TWD50 per vehicle.