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Drive on Provincial 11 Highway along the coast, you can visit many natural landscapes created by seawater erosion, such as Shitiping, a place Chinese tourists love to visit; Moon Cave, a natural sea cave functioning as a bat habitat, as well as the aptly-named Stone Umbrella. Though none of the above tourist spots are amazing enough to be unforgettable, it's still cozy and relaxing to overlook the sea while driving along the beautiful coast or stopping off for a walk. However, a trip on the highway would be futile if you miss two attractions. One is Sanxiantai, an island connected with Taiwan by an eight-arch sea-crossing bridge. The other is Baxian Cave (Cave of Eight Immortals, 八仙洞), which boasts a cultural history of thirty thousand years. Rumor has it that the two places share the same legend. Once upon a time, a couple of lovers secretly met at Sanxiantai, where three of the Eight Immortals-Li Tieguai (李鐵拐), Lu Dongbin (呂洞賓), and He Xiangu (何仙姑)-rested. The couple was bumped into by Lu Dongbin, who was so angry that he drew his sword, made a strike, and blasted them away from the Sanxiantai. The woman fell to the present Baxian Cave in Changbin Township, while the men flying away was transformed into Nanrenshi (the Man Stone in Mandarin). Then where is Nanrenshi, which directly faces Baxian Cave?

About 105.3 km on Provincial 11 Highway (near the Stone Umbrella), you can see a red torii on the roadside. Walk through the Japanese gate, you will see a 18 meters tall huge rock formation covered with thickets--that's exactly the Nanrenshi. Though it's hard to say the rock resembles a man's genitals, a temple was built, and nine stone-carved phalli were erected, whose vivid illustration makes girls shy away from them. Furthermore, in the pool under the rock, a white phallus with a little moss on it may even make men feel offended. Of course, most people worship the temple for predestined marriage or babies. But if you've been leading a happy married life with a family, you can pray for wealth and health.