East Coast

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  • Hualien

Driving on Provincial 11 Highway along the coast, all you can see is azure beaches and lush mountains. Hopping over various tourist attractions, you can extend your journey from Taitung to Hualien. First, visit Sanxiantai. Accessible via a sea-crossing bridge made of eight graceful arcs, Sanxiantai is a popular attraction to welcome the first ray of sun on New Year's Day. Baxian Cave, which preserves prehistoric relics, consists of sea caves with shrines in them, thereby carrying a touch of religious mystery. Shitiping, equipped with adequate camping facilities, makes the dream come true: Gazing at the stars, you fall asleep with the ocean breeze. What’s more, thanks to its proximity to the coastline, the paddy fields next to the sea in Xinshe make a beautiful picture. At the end of the trip, do not forget to stay a moment at Baqi. Have a drink and chat with hospitable vendors.