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Nowadays, Buddhism temples in Taiwan are no longer just a simple religious center of a certain regions such as early villages or cities, but more like a corporation operated by religion. For example, Tzu Chi (慈濟) in Hualien runs its own medical service; Fo Guang Shan (佛光山) in Kaohsiung cooperates with local government to hold Lantern Festival with 7-days firework show; Chung Tai Chan Monastery (中台禪寺) in Nantou spends a big money on hiring designer of Taipei 101 for its main building and adapts as an attraction to tourists from Mainland China. Yuandao Guanyin Temple is newly-built in 2000, the wooden gate at entrance is similar to the one usual in shinto shrine. Through a trail of around 100-meter long behind the gate is the main hall. Visitors intending to enter the main hall have to take off their shoes before entry. In addition, photo-taking is forbidden in the main hall as well. Apart from praise of Gautama Buddha, you might look for some auguries besides, or make a small donation to the temple. Since the year of 2013, a large-scaled expansion has been carried on, new halls will be built with the world-tallest statue of thousand-armed and thousand-eyed Guanyin (千手千眼觀世音菩薩聖像) on over it. This earthquake-proof gigantic structure is capable to admits more than 10,000 people and scheduled to complete in 2020 with its surrounding garden. We put high expectation on this most gorgeous Guanyin temple among Northern Taiwan in future.

Except the main hall, you will meet lots of Guanyin and Buddha statues in varying postures and expressions. Sometimes, there is a pleasant smell different from flowers and burning incenses full of air. Though the area opening for visit is rather limited, visitors walking in such environment would be able to calm and clear their mind. Incenses sold by the temple is also unlike usual one, that worshippers can choose the one depending on their wishes such as fortune and health. This modification makes it a clever way for raising donation. The most appealing part of the temple, however, is the cafe. Once you enter Tao Cafe with the heat, the pure-white Guanyin statue sitting at the middle of lotus pond will enter your sight and will bring away your hotness. The cafe is decorated with a mild tropic ornaments and modern Buddhism paintings, providing visitors an experience of fantasy and peace with coffee in specially-designed coffee cup. All these are rare to be seen in other Buddhism temples.