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    Mon-Fri 10:30-19:30

  • Price

    TWD 100

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  • Address

    No.117, Zhongzheng Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan

Established in 2004, Dengfeng Fish Ball Museum (登峰魚丸博物館) along Tamsui Old Street is the first fish ball museum in Taiwan. After tasting a bowl of fish ball soup on the old street, why not come here to take a rest and learn something about how they make these famous treats?

“Weixiang Fish Ball Shop” (味香魚丸店), founded in 1950, was the forerunner of Dengfeng Food Company (登峰食品). It was also the first shop that sold fish balls and fried fish crackers in the Tamsui area. To help visitors learn how fish balls are produced and how plentiful fishing resources are in Taiwan, this museum was built to promote Tamsui's local fishing culture and tradition. In this museum, not only can you learn the secrets of fishing products and marine knowledge, but also try some DIY activities with a professional guided tour.

This museum can be divided into two exhibition halls. Exhibition Hall 1 with three stories is located on Tamsui Old Street. It’s comprised of a retail department on the ground floor, a display area of fish ball manufacturing on the second floor, and fishing ships and equipment display area on the third floor. Exhibition Hall 2 is located exactly where its forerunner, Weixiang Fish Ball Shop, used to be. It’s since been renovated into a tourism attraction where you can experience a factory tour and DIY activities.

Tamsui Old Street is more than just an eat-and-go spot. Here you’ll have a chance to broaden your horizons with an educational trip. Welcome to Dengfeng Fish Ball Museum!