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    No.20-2, Shouting Ln., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Departing from Puli on the way to Qingjing Farm, the picturesque sight of this English classical villa catches the eye. It took Mr. Luo nine years and an investment of over a hundred million NT dollars to construct this villa in the Tudor style. The white marble, English-style clock, and intricate carvings on the walls attract visitors to stop and take photos, making it a must-visit on everyone's list when visiting Qingjing.

If you have the opportunity to stay here, the rooms are not only comfortable but also come with plenty of snacks and drinks for each guest, as well as a high-end sound system for listening to music. After enjoying a sumptuous dinner in the evening, the estate also hosts a music concert, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their holiday while experiencing the castle-like atmosphere created by the classical furniture and design. After a tiring day, guests can return to their rooms with comfortable bathtubs to soak in hot water and relieve fatigue.

Whether it's the luxurious interior decor or the European-style garden outdoors, beautiful views can be captured from various angles. Aside from making visitors reluctant to leave, there are also many newlyweds who travel from afar to take their wedding photos here!


  • If you don’t make a reservation, it is almost impossible to have lunch here (contact us if you need a reservation made on your behalf!)
  • Dinner here is only served to Old England's overnight customers, you cannot have dinner here if you are just visiting.
  • Staying one night here is around TWD10000 for a double room.
  • If you don't stay here, you will not be admitted inside, you can only take pictures from the outside.
  • Our Cinjing Swiss Wonderland tour combines the impressiveness of Old England with some more attractions of Taiwan’s very own Europe. Small Swiss Garden and the Green Green Grasslands are a great addition to a trip to Old England. Let our guides do the work while you enjoy your visit to the Old Continent.

Cingjing - Swiss Wonderland

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