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    No.53, Xinmin Rd., Xingang Township, Chiayi County 616, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Fengtian Temple enshrining the goddess Mazu as its primary deity is a well-known attraction in Xingang, Chiayi. As the tradition holds, Mazu is a sea goddess who protects and saves people's lives during their journeys at sea. To celebrate her blessings, a Qing general received the support from the government and started to build a temple dedicated to Mazu. That explains why Fengtian Temple is much more imposing and delicate in appearance than other local temples.

Besides the primary deity Mazu, Fengtian Temple also worships the Tiger General who acts as the guardian angel of children. Rumor has it that the Tiger General was notorious for its cruelty and brutality when it was still a tiger as an animal. People then prayed to the Lord of the Soil and the Ground to stop this villain, who then was subdued by the Lord and kept from hurting people ever since. The tiger further became the mount of the Lord and has been possessing mystical powers. Normally, the Tiger General is venerated under the shrine. However, at Fengtian Temple, it is mysteriously present on the table along with an incense burner.

With an abundance of historical records and architectural features, Fengtian Temple has always been one of the centers of faith in central and southern Taiwan. This is a place not to be missed for those into exploring the history and culture of Taiwan.