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At the rear of Chiayi Park there is a traditional Chinese-style building that is the Confucius Temple of Chiayi. The Confucius Temple was formerly the Chiayi County School and was originally established in 1685. The Confucian Temple that stands today was originally built outside the West Gate of the old Chiayi City. Later, following a typhoon, the temple was rebuilt where it stands today. But this temple was fated to be unfortunate, and after the Lin Shuangwen Rebellion (林爽文事件), the temple was destroyed once again. In the Japanese colonial era, it was again collapsed by a huge earthquake, before it was converted into a hospital. It was as late as 1961 that sturdy reinforced concrete was financed by the local government to rebuild the magnificent Confucius Temple that stands today. Although the interior is largely unadorned, there is retained a solemn atmosphere, which, accompanied by the sounds of Confucius bells and drums on the day of the Confucius Memorial Ceremony (the 28th of September) gives one the illusion of being in a royal ceremony of ancient times.

Chiayi Confucius Temple is different to other temples around Taiwan as it is missing some of the traditional elements normally found in a Confucius Temple. But given its amazing history of destruction and resurrection, it is a fascinating place to visit. After you have finished exploring the inside of Chiayi’s Confucius Temple, don’t forget to take a stroll around the garden outside. The nearby Chiayi Tower (射日塔), the Japanese era constructed Chiayi City Historical Relic Museum (史蹟資料館) and the Martyr Shrine (忠烈祠) are also well worth a visit.