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    No.2, Linsen W. Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park is a secret little place not well known to outsiders. Hidden between Zhongxiao Road (忠孝路) and Wenhua Road (文化路), it is the base of the Alishan Forest Railway. Here you will find a garage, repair facilities and a car wash, where, parked in the garage is a collection of every sort of train and equipment imaginable. If you are a railroad fan, a visit here will certainly make for a rewarding experience. But even if you are not, you are likely to be moved by the historical significance of these old trains. In addition to the little train parked here, known as the “Black Head” old steam locomotive, there are also diesel engines, early cypress cars, dining cars, and the like.

The early Alishan steam trains were all manufactured by the United States company Lima, and were specifically designed to conquer the steep ascent of Alishan. But following the collapse of Lima after World War Two, repair parts began to be constructed by technicians, who kept the steam engines puffing until its retirement in the 1970s. All of the steam trains in the park have a number. Those starting with "1" used to be responsible for the Chiayi to Zhuqi "flat line." As for a number starting with "2", those used to travel the mountainous "woodland line". In the garage you can also see a large piece of equipment, which was once used for changing the trains’ direction.

It should be noted that the Chiayi to Alishan mainline was suspended in 2009 after Typhoon Morakot. However, after many years of repairs, it is estimated that the line will reopen in 2016. If you find yourself in Chiayi City and would like to enjoy some historic train culture, remember to come to the Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park to explore!