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After disembarking at Zhaoping Station, this park welcomes you with a view of cherry trees and various kinds of alpine plants. With an altitude of 2274 meters, you can enjoy the view of Mt. Ali at the highest point of the park.

This area used to be a logging village built for the workforce, and as many tourists began visiting Mt. Ali, the village became a prosperous place with various shops, restaurants, and hotels. However, a huge fire burned over 100 houses in 1976. The Forestry Bureau initiated a new plan to grow cherry trees and build this park. As a result, this area now holds the highest concentration of cherry trees in Taiwan.

If you are a plant lover, this is the right place for you. Depending on the season, you’ll be welcomed by Camellias, Hydrangea, Azaleas, or Begonia flowers. And for birdwatchers, you’ll also likely be treated to the dancing and singing of Taiwan’s native species. With the steam locomotive passing in the background, you will surely enjoy the relaxing distractions of this forest playground.


Alishan - Giant Forest

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