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    No.118, Taiping Ln., Xinyi Township, Nantou County 556, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

If you are traveling around Alishan, Tataka Tourist Center located on the highest point (2,600m) of the scenic Provincial Highway 21 will be the second stopover that you make after the romantic Couple Trees. As there is no light pollution in the area, it is also a popular place for stargazing, and many photography enthusiasts come here to capture the enchantment of the starry night sky in motion. The hiking trail in front of the tourist center is the best spot to be amazed by the majestic peaks of Yushan (Mt. Jade). Taiwanese macaques are often spotted in the forests or even along the Provincial Highway 21 as their nature reserve is in the vicinity.

Tataka Tourist Center welcomes every traveler with their detailed exhibits and information of the mountain and help visitors understand more about the native ecological landscape of Yushan National Park. The dining area is surprisingly bright, clean and spacious and has a great view from the floor-to-ceiling windows — it is sure to please!


    The second Tuesday of each month is closed. If that day is a national holiday, the second Wednesday will be closed.

Alishan - Giant Forest

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