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    No.51, Erwanping, Alishan Township, Chiayi County 605, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Initiated by the local Tsou Tribe clan, Tanayiku is an ecology park dedicated to traditional indigenous culture and original wildlife species. Located in the upper reaches of the Zengwun River (one of the few rivers in the country that are clean enough for the most particular fish to breed in), the park even worked out to restore one of Taiwan’s endemic fish species – Onychostoma alticorpus.

With the total length of 228m, the suspension bridge across the Tanayiku River will give you a tingling sense of venturing into the wild and amaze you with the crystal-clear silver water strewn with those fish endemic to Taiwan. The aboriginal cuisine is another thing not to be missed at Tanayiku. Women from the tribe prepare these tasty dishes made from local ingredients, including the Tsou-style barbecue and rice cooked in a bamboo stem. After the hearty meal, to complete your aboriginal experience, you will also have a chance to appreciate the traditional musical performance unique in Tsou Tribe.


Alishan - Giant Forest

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