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Cutting through the whole Alishan area, the County Highway 169 stretches from the Meishan Township of Chiayi all the way to Lijia Village, the most remote Tsou tribe in Alishan. Winding through immense forests of betel nuts and cedar, this 50-kilometer-long highway is often shrouded in mountain mist, creating a sense of tranquil remoteness.

Without much traffic, this isolated highway is also a paradise of many cyclists, where they can glide carefree through the picturesque landscape. The lookout at the 9.5 km mark offers a panoramic view of how the County Highway 169 climbs and winds through the lush green mountain. The 13 km mark is another great spot to take in the view of tea farms and bamboo forests that blanket the whole mountainous area. The heavenly scene makes one can’t help but wonder if this is just a dream. You will be be greeted by a massive forest of Japanese cedar as you cycle up to Fenqihu, and the ride itself is simply an uplifting and healing experience that every cyclist should embrace.


Alishan - Giant Forest

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