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Established in 1935 and renovated in 2007, Alishan Museum was built of quality Taiwanese cypress wood, which is abundant in the area. The nostalgic museum prides itself on keeping the history of lumbering as well as the development of the forest railway, the preservation of forest roads and indigenous culture in Alishan relevant by presenting it in a way that resonates with audiences today. The venue may be small but perfectly formed with intricate and informative exhibits of Alishan.

A visit to the museum allows you to learn about the origin of Alishan’s name and some of its important history. The collections include railroad equipment as well as locomotives from different periods, while the local Tsou Tribe (one of the officially recognized indigenous groups in Taiwan) is another highlight of the museum, from cultural heritage to natural history. The museum is also home to items from Alishan’s lumbering era, where the cross section of a gigantic Taiwanese cypress tree is displayed to show you how to count annual rings. Of course, the high mountain tea, the sea of clouds, the sunset, the forest and Alishan Forest Railway are the five wonders of Alishan that government tries really hard to promote, but why not make you trip to Alishan more educational than ever by visiting the very well curated Alishan Museum?


Alishan - Giant Forest

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