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    Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

There are more than a thousand of holes above the cave, which are formed by river erosion over millions of years, in 1000 Year Bat Cave. The lack of sunlight provides a safe haven for bats. Due to the increasing number of tourists, it's hardly to see bats in 1000 Year Bat Cave. However, the black feces scattered on the ground show that there are some bats around. Even so, it's still quite interesting seeing these caves, and someone feel exciting if keeping staring at these.

After seeing 1000 Year Bat Cave, you will see Swallow Cliff (燕子崖) in 50 meters ahead. The mixed layers of sandstones and shale have made the area prone to water erosion. Deep and irregular holes as seen here have become the nesting place of Asian house martins.

Although it's quite tired to walk all the way down, you will enjoy the scenery from mountains, forest, to canyon. Along the way, you will see many bamboos on each side of the trail. In the old days, the Rueili residents used Ma Bamboo (麻竹) to wrap their food, especially for rice dumplings (or also called zongzi). During the Dragon Boat Festival (端午節), the bamboo leaves were used as the main wrapping material.


  • Before reaching the bottom to see 1000 Year Bat Cave and Swallow Cliff, visitors have to walk more than 1700 steps. Therefore, it's more than 3400 steps back and forward. Please make sure you have enough engery before conquering it.
  • The entrance is near the entrance of Rueili Elementary School (瑞里國小). There is a small sign in front of a farm. Try to located it. It's not easy to find.

Alishan - Giant Forest

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