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Taipei - Yilan - Colorful Backyard

Tucked away in the “backyard” of Taiwan, Yilan is merely an hour away from Taipei but boasts a whole lot different view. For those who have enough of the hustle and bustle of cities and are lookin...

  • Taipei
  • 1 day / 9 hrs
  • Private Mandarin/English-speaking guide/driver
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National Center of Traditional Arts is the largest exhibition and performance site for tradition...
National Center of Traditional Arts
Don’t confuse this one with Xitou Monster Village in Nantou. Yes, there are two monster villages...
Shanzhai Monster Village
Jimmy is a famous picture book creator in Taiwan, whose playful style presents deep and sobering...
Jimmy Plaza
Yilan has an abundant natural landscape. In holidays, Five-peak Flag Waterfall is always crowded ...
Linmei Shipan Trail
Lucky Art Crayon Factory is one of the only remaining crayon factories in Taiwan. In addition to...
Lucky Art Crayon Factory
Jiaoxi is a township in the north of Yilan County, where the natural underground hot spring is t...
Tangweigou Park
Perched on the mountainside, Mr. Brown Castle Café in Yilan boasts a fairy-tale setting with far...
Mr. Brown Castle Café
Plastic brick toys are an important part of childhood, helping children learn and develop, as we...
Brick Ark Museum
R. Den Dessert Factory is a very well-known tourist factory in Yilan. As soon as you enter the h...
R. Den Dessert Factory
Located in the Yuanshan Township of Yilan, Artemis Garden is the very first large botanical gard...
Artemis Garden
Kavalan Whisky Distillery (金車噶瑪蘭威士忌 酒廠), which was awarded the top spot for single malt whisky in...
Kavalan Whisky Distillery
Taiwan has many tourist factories, especially when it comes to Yilan. This may be because many t...
Agrioz Candied Fruit Museum
Wushi Harbor is a surfer paradise tucked away on the east coast of Taiwan, where surfing and san...
Wushi Harbor
Upon entering the Yilan Winery Museum, you will find yourself immersed in a nostalgic setting wi...
Yilan Winery Museum
Many foreign tourists who go to Wushi Harbor (烏石港) to surf will be momentarily shocked by the hu...
Lanyang Museum
Made up of three waterfalls found close to the township of Jiaoxi, Five-Peak Flag Waterfall has ...
Five-Peak Flag Waterfall
Toucheng Farm is a leisure farm that offers very well-organized packages covering from one to th...
Toucheng Farm
The ox-tongue-shaped Yilan Biscuit is a local pastry of Yilan and thinnest biscuit in the world....
i-Cake Museum
  • Keeping it to 3~6 spots per day is the best way to enjoy your Taiwan tour.
  • The pick-up schedule will be provided 12 hours before the tour and the itinerary will be optimized to save your travel time.


23 reviews
26 Dec 2014
Jason is very professional and had good knowledge of the areas that he has brought us to, and was also flexible to adjust the journey (to make sure that we enjoyed the highlights first, or to cut short certain visits when our daughter didn't enjoy them). We felt relaxed and secure that we were in good hands. We will definitely engage your help again when we next visit Taiwan. Thank you!
09 Jan 2015
19 Dec 2014
We had a great time in Taiwan, especially enjoying the natural scenery and hiking. We managed to do 3 peaks in Sheipa NP in one day – Pintian, Chiyou and Tao and then all the way down again. Very tiring but very beautiful and we had great weather.We really enjoyed Tarako NP and Walami Trail, and the butterflies at Maolin. I think we packed in a lot in a short time. Thanks for organising our permits, car and driver. Wade was a very good driver and very helpful and pleasant. He always did his best to help us with whatever we needed. And he gave us space to do our own thing. He also gave us a farewell gift which was a great surprise. We will recommend you to our friends who visit Taiwan in future.
02 Jan 2015
05 Dec 2014
Mr Pang was indeed a very kind and professional tour guide. We were impressed with his services and advises provided to us.
19 Dec 2014

about Yilan - Colorful Backyard

Tucked away in the “backyard” of Taiwan, Yilan is merely an hour away from Taipei but boasts a whole lot different view. For those who have enough of the hustle and bustle of cities and are looking for a quick getaway in the open air without travelling too far from Taipei, a carefully planned tour to Yilan is the answer.

In the beginning of the tour, our professional driver/guide will lead you to Mr. Brown Castle Café, where you can savor a magnificent seascape view while sipping a cup of freshly brewed morning coffee. All fuelled up with caffeine, you’re then ready to hit the road again. At Tangweigou Park, you’re going to experience something bizarre but brilliant — a spa treatment where doctor fishes would eat away the dead skin (or keratin) of your feet, whitening the skin of feet and enhancing skin smoothness while you dip your feet into the hot spring pool. For lunch, you’ll dine at Shanzhai Monster Village to enjoy a diverse variety of items on the menu ranging from waffles to pasta and pizza, while being surrounded by (seemingly) monstrous figures in a Japanese setting. After taking a leisure stroll at Jimmy Plaza, a park dedicated to the famous Taiwanese illustrator and picture book writer, you’ll then head to Artemis Garden to have a relaxing and comfortable afternoon.

On a beautiful day trip like this, what better way to end the day than a swig of the world’s best whisky at Kavalan Whisky Distillery?

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Pick up Locations
Taipei Main Station (West Exit 3) / Hotels in Taipei City Downtown / Yilan Train Station rear exit / Hotels in Yilan City
Drop off Locations
Taipei Main Station / Hotels in Taipei City Downtown / Yilan Train Station / Hotels in Yilan City / Luodong Night Market
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Meals / Entrance fees / Train tickets
Cancellation Policy
Severe weather conditions or cancellation made by customer more than 72 hours before departure will qualify for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.
  • This tour is 9 hours a day. Generally we start from 9am and end at 6pm. We can shift your schedule between 8am to 8pm based on your preference.
  • Minimum charge for Mr. Brown Castle Café is TWD80 each.
  • Admission to Tangweigou Park is TWD80 each (while the outdoor area is free).
  • Admission to National Center of Traditional Arts is TWD150 each.
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    Optional : If you wish to extend your tour, every extra hour over the agreed schedule of a private tour is charged TWD500 (US$17) for a sedan-based or van-based tour, or TWD1000 (US$34) for a bus-based tour. There will be no overtime extra charge for a shared tour.
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