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Taichung - Taichung - Purple Lavender

In addition to Taiwan's biggest night market, Fengjia, many tourists come to Taichung for Lavender Cottage, Xinshe Castle, Carton King, and Miyahara. One of the earliest and most successful garde...

  • Taichung
  • 1 day / 9 hrs
  • Private Mandarin/English-speaking guide/driver
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Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village is renowned for the beautiful paintings that grace the wall...
Rainbow Military Dependents` Village
Once upon a time, two coffee-loving, herb-loving young women loved to draw and record their feel...
Lavender Cottage - Taichung
Located in the mountainous area of Taichung, Xinshe Castle, also known as Xinshe Mansion, is a m...
Xinshe Castle
With branches in Cingjing and Jiji, the original Cartoon King in Taichung City is now quite an i...
Carton King - Taichung
Like the Harry Potter movies? Like dessert? This place is for you. When people first enter th...
Flowers are beautiful in their ephemerality. Here today, and gone tomorrow, their impermanence s...
Xinshe Sea of Flowers
Today, Taiwan’s west coast is mostly sandy beaches. But before modern human development there us...
Gaomei Wetlands
Fengjia Night Market is the biggest, most popular, and most interesting night market in Taiwan. ...
Fengjia Night Market
Xinshe District is well-known for its mushrooms, but little known for its fruit picking opportun...
Xinfeng Farm
The central Taiwan is home to numerous major flower markets in Taichung and Miaoli, where not on...
Chungshe Tourism Flower Market
One thing special in Taichung is the teahouse culture. Starting from drink stands, some shops dec...
Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House
Located to the west of Tunghai University in Taichung, Tunghai Night Market caters to local resi...
Tunghai University
In the evolution of human technology, people tend to build bigger, taller, and crazier buildings....
Zhongxing First Lane
The CMP (China Metal Products) Block Museum turns streets into art. As one of the largest foundr...
CMP Block Museum of Arts
Located in the city of Taichung, National Museum of Natural Science covers a vast area of 89,000...
National Museum of Natural Science
The island of Taiwan was created by the continuous collision between the Eurasian plate, Filipin...
921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
Mushroom Garden is also a successful business after the Xinshe Tourism Promotion Program. The wea...
Mushroom Garden
Those garden restaurants gathering around Taichung Xinshe District mostly follow the success of L...
Princess Annie's Garden
  • Keeping it to 3~6 spots per day is the best way to enjoy your Taiwan tour.
  • The pick-up schedule will be provided 12 hours before the tour and the itinerary will be optimized to save your travel time.


125 reviews
08 Jul 2018
Lisa is amazing and fantastic she drive safely and you feel comfortable for the trip that she is very accommodating. The tour was very fine we were able to tour around the province and able to see the beautiful places!
22 Jul 2018
03 May 2018
Jo and Johnson did a great job. 10/10. They both worked really hard to make me and my family comfortable and had a lot of fun on the trip. They deserve all the recognition and reward for the great work that they do :)
17 May 2018
02 May 2018
He was very accommodating and took very good care of us! He anticipated our needs, made excellent recommendations and created good rappport with all of us. We are so happy with his service.
16 May 2018
20 Apr 2018
Both Mr Johnson and Mr Popeyes had been giving us a very good tour and leaving a very nice experience . My parents were chatting with them all the way the two days. All Drivers were all on time. It had been a great experience and if we visit Taiwan again hope we get some discount haha.. Maybe you could add a food tour , as throughout the tour My Popeyes did recommend a few popular restaurant and cafe on the way and stop for us to try it. I find it is a good addition to intro tourist to some famous and nice food during the tour.
04 May 2018
20 Apr 2018
Jay Zheng was fantastic, really warm, sincere and welcoming - he went out of his way to arrange transport for us the day after the tour when we needed to go to Gaomei Wetlands even though this was of course beyond the scope of his duty. We would encourage others to use your services!
04 May 2018

about Taichung - Purple Lavender

In addition to Taiwan's biggest night market, Fengjia, many tourists come to Taichung for Lavender Cottage, Xinshe Castle, Carton King, and Miyahara. One of the earliest and most successful gardens in Taiwan, Lavender Cottage boasts purple lavender-themed romantic atmosphere as well as pleasant service and delicious meals. As a result, lots of couples and families flock here to take photos even though the garden is located deep in the mountains. Encouraged by the successful garden, idyllic Xinshe Castle opened shortly afterwards, featuring an artificial waterfall, a scenic pond, as well as a western manor and winery, making it a popular spot among photo-taking newly-weds. In Carton King, apart from the main structure of the building, almost everything you see are made of paper. From the outdoor animal statues and Taipei 101 model, to the indoor dining tables and chairs, everything—included a beverage container—is paper made. Last but not least, visit Miyahara, but not for an eye examination in the former eye clinic under Japanese Colonial Era. Now rented and renovated by Dawncake, Miyahara is the most popular ice cream shop in front of Taichung TRA train station. The dreamy interior in Miyahara shares striking similarity to the scenes in Harry Potter.

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Pick up Locations
HSR Taichung Station (Exit 7 on ground floor) / Taichung Train Station rear exit / Hotels in Taichung City Downtown
Drop off Locations
HSR Taichung Station / Taichung Train Station / Hotels in Taichung City Downtown / Fengjia Night Market
Transportation (fuel, parking, and toll fee) /Passenger insurance /Tax
Meals /Entrance fees
Cancellation Policy
Severe weather conditions or cancellation made by customer more than 72 hours before departure will qualify for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.
  • This tour is 9 hours a day. Generally we start from 9am and end at 6pm. We can shift your schedule between 8am to 8pm based on your preference.
  • Lavender Cottage and Xinshe Castle are both located in the mountain area, where dining options are limited. It is recommended to use the discount offered on Lavender Cottage’s admission tickets. Western meals served here include spaghetti and roast pork chops with rice.
  • Admission per person for Lavender Cottage, Xinshe Castle and Carton King is TWD650 in total.
  • In Taiwan, lavenders flower from winter (November) to the next spring (April). But tourists visiting off the flowering season can enjoy the sight of salvias from June to August, whose shape and color similar to those of lavenders. The only obvious difference between the two are their leaves and aromas.
  • Although the ice cream in Miyahara enjoys great fame, on average it takes more than half an hour to queue for it. It's recommended to sample the delicious pineapple cake only.
  • The Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival will be hold in the end of Nov for around 2 weeks every year. If you plan to go there, please make sure you go in that period.
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