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    No.7, Xinfeng St., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Over the past 55 years, with patrons happily waiting outside for their turn, Dongshi Niujiazhuang became a neighborhood staple whose offering focuses on beef specialties. If you’re so hungry that you can eat a cow, Dongshi Niujiazhuang is the place to go, as a full cow from head to tail is literally available on request here.

Near the popular Dongshi Forest, the restaurant is always crowded with hungry enthusiastic people on weekends. Whether you’re a die-hard patron or a first-timer of Dongshi Niujiazhuang, you will truly be spoilt for choice by the menu which contains so many appealing dishes from stir fries to cold plates and noodle soup. If you want to go light after a sumptuous feast of luscious beef, freshly prepared veggies are perfect to balance out the grease. If you crave a bit of diversity other that beef dishes, the duck soup with sauerkraut can be a good idea. The duck absorbs the very best of the soup and will cause a juicy morsel when you bite in, which is mixed wonderfully with the sourness of the sauerkraut — even the Hakka people (aka experts in sauerkraut) love it to bits.

While waiting for the slow-cooked beef to serve at the table, take a look at the nostalgic interiors that will give you a glimpse into the traditional, agricultural society of preindustrial Taiwan.


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