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    No.6-1, Shilin St., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Dongshi Forest Garden has long been a recreation spot for for both visitors and locals in all seasons of the year. It covers a vast area of 225 hectares with the altitudes ranging from 500 to 700 meters. Combined with mild temperatures, the area boasts a perfect place for plants to thrive. Visitors will delight in the vibrant and ever-changing landscapes painted by all four glorious seasons. The sight of cherry blossom blooming serves as a sign that spring is here; tung flowers will greet you from all directions in summer; the landscape celebrates autumn by suddenly erupting into a blanket of maple flowers; in winter, the forest will be drenched in plum blossoms — Dongshi Forest Garden is literally a paradise all year round regardless of the season! If you understand Mandarin, have a chat with the enthusiastic staff, who will be more than happy to explain to you all about the plants found within Dongshi Forest Garden.

Dongshi Forest Garden is also home to millions of insects, especially fireflies. As fireflies can be quite fragile, continuous conservation efforts are needed to ensure their survival. Despite the fact that plants are plenty here at Dongshi Forest Garden, pesticides are still banned to avoid water pollution that might further endanger the fireflies. Dongshi Forest Garden is a fantastic location for firefly watching all year round, but in April and May, the number of fireflies will reach its peak. These little dancing fireflies create a magical illusion in a completely natural setting of enchanted forests, which will surely be the experience of a lifetime in early spring. In April, butterflies are frequent visitors as well. Kids will have a great time trying to spot those rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles hidden in the forest. Famed for its picturesque scenery amidst a vibrant abundance of natural resources, Dongshi Forest Garden is even equipped with a physical training field and a hiking trail — it is no doubt an ideal destination for family members of all ages.


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