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    No.41, Dingkan Ln., Shuili Township, Nantou County 553, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located in the Shuili Township of Nantou, Shuili Snake Kiln is the the oldest wood-fired kiln in Taiwan and has absolutely nothing to do with snakes. From far off, the thirty-meter-long kiln bears a striking resemblance to a wriggling snake, hence the name. This traditional pottery kiln creates its own glaze when the wood ash lands on the pieces as they are firing, whose rustic touch is a home away from home – something that most modern kilns cannot reproduce. Today, potters here still prepare their own clay and fire their own pots, selling their works to some of the best hotels in Taiwan. A visit to Shuili Snake Kiln will help you understand how the traditional ceramic industry connects the small town of Shuili with the whole wide world.

In 1999, Shuili Snake Kiln was badly damaged during the devastating 921 Earthquake. In 2000, the kiln was properly repaired and reopened for operation. To celebrate its rebirth, potters created a 6.6-meter-tall pot, certified as the tallest kiln work in the world by Guinness World Records. Shuili Snake Kiln also successfully transformed itself into a cultural park, where the family-friendly pottery classes allow visitors to experience traditional clay making in an educational and interactive way.


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