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Taichung - Nantou - Monster Village

Join us on a journey into the heart of Taiwan, and this tour to Nantou will delight those who travel as a family and are looking for kid-friendly activities. The life of the past of Taiwan has be...

  • Taichung
  • 1 day / 9 hrs
  • Private Mandarin/English-speaking guide/driver
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A Japanese style village built in 2011, Xitou Monster Village (溪頭怪物村 or 松林町) attracts more than ...
Xitou Monster Village
After a long period of Japanese colonial rule, Japanese cuisine has left an indelible mark on th...
Mochi Museum
Pineapple cakes, beloved by locals and tourists alike, is also known as the most famous dessert ...
Sunny Hills
Located in the heart of Nantou, Jiji has been transformed from a barren land into a highly-raved...
Located near Mingtan Reservoir (明潭水庫) in Nantou, Checheng is a rustic little village serving as ...
This area was developed in the late 19 century in Qing Dynasty. Hou means monkey. Tan means to ta...
Houtanjing Sky Bridge
If you have the chance to visit Jiji Township in Nantou, you might encounter this collapsed temp...
Wuchang Temple
Located in the Lugu Township of Nantou, Xitou Village is home to abundant natural resources, mak...
Xitou Nature Education Area
With an elevation of 1,600 meters and 40 hectares in size, Sun Link Sea Forest Park has somethin...
Sun Link Sea
Located in the Shuili Township of Nantou, Shuili Snake Kiln is the the oldest wood-fired kiln in...
Shuili Snake Kiln
Together with Fude Temple in Zhonghe and Fuan Temple in Checheng, Zinan Temple located in the Zh...
Zhushan Zinan Temple
Two Fingers Tea Story House is named after the experience of its founder, Yang Kuo-chen, who lost...
Two Fingers Tea Story House
Established in 2000, the 99 Peak Nature Reserve is home to 99 individual peaks known for their b...
99 Peaks
Kids find the utmost joy in running on the lush green field, flying kites and being entertained ...
Zhongxing New Village
Having been pleasing palates for six decades, Hu's Noodle is a historic eatery serving the mouth...
Hu's Noodle
Open from 15:30 all the way to midnight, Old He's Noodles is the lighthouse for many late-night ...
Old He's Noodles
Filled with the sublime fragrance of sweet olive, this lush green forest is a boulevard of 85 hu...
Sweet Olive Forest
  • Keeping it to 3~6 spots per day is the best way to enjoy your Taiwan tour.
  • The pick-up schedule will be provided 12 hours before the tour and the itinerary will be optimized to save your travel time.


6 reviews
08 Dec 2017
My family had enjoyed our tour with Mr Qiu very much. He and the driver were accomodating to our pace and the itinery was well-planned. Judy was also very responsive and helpful with our planning. :)
22 Dec 2017
28 Jun 2017
Mr Zheng was very helpful and friendly and made recommendations along way as he saw appropriate. He was engaged my 6 year old boy as well and my son took to him pretty well.
12 Jul 2017
23 Dec 2015
It was great to have Mr Dai as our driver for 7 days. Although he was not a guide, he was always very eager to share with us his knowledge about Taiwan and the some of the places that we would be visiting. He was always looking for ways which he could improve his services by asking us almost everyday if there was anything that he could do better. When we casually talk about buying some taiwan local products, he actually help us keep a look out for the products along the way such that we could buy them back. He was also very thoughtful and took care of us very well. For example. he would verbally check with us to ensure that we, especially our 4 year old daughter, had put on enough clothing during our tour. When we alighted his car to visit all places of interest, he would always park his vehicle near the exit or somewhere where we could easily find him. This greatly reduced the hassle and the time spent to look for the car. As a driver, he had provided fantastic service and we were very glad that he was our driver!
06 Jan 2016
07 Dec 2015
Very happy with the booking arrangements as it is fuss free. Very satisfied with the driver Mr Huang too as he is very amiable and accommodating. His car is very clean and he drives very comfortably till my boy always fell asleep whenever he travels from 1 destination to the next!!
21 Dec 2015
26 Dec 2014
Mr Sun is very professional and had good knowledge of the areas that he has brought us to, and was also flexible to adjust the journey (to make sure that we enjoyed the highlights first, or to cut short certain visits when our daughter didn't enjoy them). We felt relaxed and secure that we were in good hands. We will definitely engage your help again when we next visit Taiwan. Thank you!
09 Jan 2015

about Nantou - Monster Village

Join us on a journey into the heart of Taiwan, and this tour to Nantou will delight those who travel as a family and are looking for kid-friendly activities.

The life of the past of Taiwan has been recreated at Taiwan Times Village along with all kinds of traditional delicacies. Under one giant roof, they put lives of Hakka, Minnan, aborigines, and veterans from China all together in separated community blocks, making it a good chance for foreign visitors to learn about old Taiwan. It’s literally a paradise for people of all ages, where the folkgame will keep children’s minds and hands engaged, parents will be as excited as kids taking photos on the street as if they were back to their precious childhood, while grandparents can have their time spent at the souvenir shop being amazed by a wealth of their nostalgic memories. Whether you’re a family with children or simply a child at heart, a visit to the Monster Village is a charming opportunity to get acquainted with the forest spirits. It will be a hands-on kind of afternoon at Mochi Museum where kids can learn how to make mochi treats themselves from scratch. Mochi is the rice cake that wins the hearts of many Taiwanese, meanwhile as an indelible mark that Japanese cuisine has left on the Taiwanese diet. Pineapple cakes, beloved by locals and tourists alike, is also known as the most famous dessert in Taiwan. By the end of the day, you’ll be enjoying the sweet landscape of Sunny Hill’s pineapple farm and maybe a bit of sampling of the almighty pineapple cakes!

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HSR Taichung Station (Exit 7 on ground floor) / Taichung Train Station rear exit / Hotels in Taichung City Downtown
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HSR Taichung Station / Taichung Train Station / Hotels in Taichung City Downtown
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Severe weather conditions or cancellation made by customer more than 72 hours before departure will qualify for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.
  • This tour is 9 hours a day. Generally we start from 9am and end at 6pm. We can shift your schedule between 8am to 8pm based on your preference.
  • Admission to Taiwan Times Village is TWD350 each.
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    For any query, please email Alternative, you may call +886-4-24361910 for any urgent request.
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    Optional : If you wish to extend your tour, every extra hour over the agreed schedule of a private tour is charged TWD500 (US$17) for a sedan-based or van-based tour, or TWD1000 (US$34) for a bus-based tour. There will be no overtime extra charge for a shared tour.
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