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Jiufen is a mountainous town with a plethora of hiking trails in the area. Many of them are fairly accessible to a wide range of hikers and can be done in a half- or one-day trip, while Keelung Mountain is the closest one to Jiufen Old Street. Adjacent to a parking lot, the entrance to the mountain is 350m away from the old street. Follow the sign and you will get there. As a matter of fact, Keelung Mountain has not much to do with the city that shares the same name. Instead, the name “Keelung” (literally meaning “chicken cage”) is derived from the shape of the mountain that resembles a battery cage. From another angle, the mountain bears a strong resemblance to the look of a pregnant woman lying on the bed, hence its nickname “The Pregnant Beauty.”

Keelung Mountain is a conical extinct volcano, and normally it takes an hour to hike the trail of stone steps to reach the mountaintop. There are three pavilions along the way to rest your weary feet. With an altitude of 588m, the lookout on the mountaintop offers a commanding view of the North Coast and the mountainous landscape of the area with the breeze caressing your face. If the sky is clear enough, you might even spot the soaring Taipei 101 in the distance — this treat to the eyes is very worth the one-hour hike.

If you are keen to go on a one-day trip to Keelung Mountain from downtown Taipei, just so you know, it takes two hours for the round trip. But if you are more into slow travel, contact our professional travel consultant with your ideas, and we will design a customized itinerary to perfect your day in Jiufen.


  • It's a steep hiking trail with thousnads of steps. Please prepare enough water and food before start.

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