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    No.91, Zhongzheng Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located at an altitude of 1,935 meters above sea level, Lishan Guest House is the highest palace-style hotel in Taiwan. Set amidst a natural landscape, this hotel was designed by Yang Cho-cheng (楊卓成), the internationally renowned architect behind the Grand Hotel (圓山大飯店) in Taipei. It used to be the dwelling house of then-President Chiang Kai-shek but was badly damaged by the infamous 921 Earthquake in 1999. After a decade-long renovation, Lishan Guest House was reopened as a hotel at the end of 2012.

Established in 1965, Lishan Guest House is known for its natural surroundings that change throughout the four seasons. It is also a great location to escape the summer heat. Inside the hotel, you will find nostalgic photos of General & Madame Chiang when they visited Lishan in the early years. Besides the sweet olive trees planted by Soong Mei-ling (宋美齡), the wife of Generalissimo, you will also find two other cedars standing in front of the hotel as if they were guarding a palace. Have a leisurely stroll along the forest trail that Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek one took as it is alive with natural sights and sounds to delight the senses.

Lishan Guest House allows guests to enjoy the royal privileges at an incredibly very affordable price. Especially for urban dwellers who suffer from “nature deprivation,” Lishan is no doubt a serene oasis.


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