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With a total length of 145 kilometers, the scenic Provincial Highway 21 stretches from the Dongshi District of Taichung all the way to the Xinyi Township of Nantou. It is part of the New Central Cross-Island Highway and happens to be the closest highway to Yushan in the west side of Taiwan, meaning that driving along Provincial Highway 21 allows you to visit some of the most iconic attractions such as Sun Moon Lake, Couple Trees, Tataka Visitor Center and many more.

The Provincial Highway 21 is divided into three sections: Fengpu Highway, Zhongtan Highway and the segment from Shuili to Tataka. What’s worth noting is that Zhongtan Highway winds around Sun Moon Lake and connects all the major spots in the area, offering a beautiful view along the way. Another spot not to be missed is the eye-catching red bridge crossing over the Chenyoulan River. The segment from Shuili to Tataka is often shrouded in a mist of magic due to its high altitude and will make a very enchanting drive through the charming landscape.


Alishan - Giant Forest

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