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Kaohsiung - Alishan - Giant Forest

Perhaps you have heard of the famous Alishan and its high-mountain teas, but now you want to know what makes this place so popular. A trip to Alishan is all about the beauty of nature and the plent...

  • Kaohsiung
  • 1 day / 9 hrs
  • Private Mandarin/English-speaking guide/driver
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Taiwan is a small island that boasts snow-peaked mountains, bountiful plains, tropical beaches a...
Provincial Highway 18
Driving along Provincial Highway 18, you will pass through some lush bamboo forests and be able ...
Alishan Tea Plantations
Here we are, at the one and only Alishan Station. The wooden train stration stands at the gate of...
Alishan Station
The five wonders of Alishan include the railway, the forest, the sea of clouds, the sunrise and ...
Alishan Forest Railway
While travelling on the nostalgic train that used to facilitate logging during the Japanese Colo...
Zhaoping Station
Located within Alishan National Scenic Area, Shouzhen Temple that enshrines the Supreme Emperor ...
Alishan Shouzhen Temple
Located at an altitude of over 2,100 meters, Sister Ponds in Alishan are in fact two individual ...
Sisters Ponds
Blessed with abundant rain and mist-covered peaks all year round, Alishan is home to the rich fo...
Giant Tree Trail
The long history of Shenmu Station dates back to the Japanese Colonial Era when timber-rich Taiw...
Shenmu Station
Famous for the “railway lunchbox,” Fenqihu is a historic train station that makes a popular pit-...
Over the years, Fenqihu has always been a popular spot for locals and travelers alike. Alishan N...
Fenqihu Forest Trail
Alishan is famous of its sunrise. Almost every tourist want to know where is the best spot for it...
Eryanping Trail
After disembarking at Zhaoping Station, this park welcomes you with a view of cherry trees and va...
Zhaoping Park
If you are in trouble knowing what to eat at Alishan, Yongfu Corner Restaurant is guaranteed as ...
Yongfu Corner Restaurant
In addition to tea-tasting at Alishan, you absolutely can’t miss its local aboriginal cuisine. A...
  • Keeping it to 3~6 spots per day is the best way to enjoy your Taiwan tour.
  • The pick-up schedule will be provided 12 hours before the tour and the itinerary will be optimized to save your travel time.


31 reviews
28 Sep 2017
Very friendly, also acted as a guide by filling in history and stories before reaching a certain destination. Always there before time, friendly and professional. We’d like to thank you and Round Taiwan Round for the wonderful services and hospitality during our trip in Taiwan. The schedule and timing was just about right, not too tight nor too tiring. The driver, Wade, is an exceptionally friendly guy who also did the job of a tour guide by filling us in on the stories and history of each places, and always answering our questions along the way, also making recommendations/suggestions. Wade was always there before time and extremely reliable. He would even speak slower to make it easier for us to understand as we are foreigners which was very thoughtful of him. We had pleasant conversations during the trip, it was nice how we were able to relate to him with his two years stay in Thailand before. It was also very nice to have drinking water provided in the bus, which was definitely very thoughtful.
12 Oct 2017
07 Jun 2017
As I had a private tour for 2 days with Richard, it would have been helpful if I could have gotten in touch with him earlier so that he could suggest me more convenient accomodation. It was hard to plan alone from a foreign country and a local guide's advice would have been very useful and time-saving.
21 Jun 2017
Erma Syafiqah
04 Jun 2017
I am glad that you had assigned Judy as my designated driver. She's friendly and knows how to make passengers feel comfortable. I would recommend my non-Mandarin speaking friends to book with your company as they aren't many English based platforms/channels available for booking drivers in taiwan
18 Jun 2017
23 May 2017
She was very accommodating, polite and prompt. She was also quite helpful, and brought us to a supermarket after we discussed getting some tapioca pearls so we could make milk tea back home in Singapore. Very nice lady.
06 Jun 2017
26 Apr 2017
We both think that Judy was very friendly and punctual. It was a very pleasant and easy experience. It was great also that she could also speak some English as well! In addition, although she was not a guide she provided some guidance in terms of the tourists attractions. The only suggestion that we have is that we could have been allowed to stay in any hotel along the route from Alishan to Chiayi. This is because Judy had to travel back to Chiayi anyways. As you already know the hotel selection in Alishan is very limited and over priced.
10 May 2017

about Alishan - Giant Forest

Perhaps you have heard of the famous Alishan and its high-mountain teas, but now you want to know what makes this place so popular. A trip to Alishan is all about the beauty of nature and the plentiful gifts it bestows. After a winding trip up through the lush mountainside, you will reach Fenqihu, a quaint village stop on the Alishan Forest Railway that was once an important transit point for the logging industry. A traditional railway bento box for lunch, crisp mist hugging the trees, and the sound of the mountain silence. This is Alishan.Wonder in amazement at the astonishingly tall thousand year old trees of Alishan National Scenic Area and then witness the serenity of the open skies as you stand above a sea of clouds on the mountain summit. And as the day comes to a close, a trip to the tea plantations for a taste of exquisite oolong and green teas will be the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful sunset.

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Pick up Locations
HSR Chiayi Station / Chiayi Train Station rear exit / Hotels in Chiayi City
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HSR Chiayi Station / Chiayi Train Station / Hotels in Chiayi City / Hotels in Alishan
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Cancellation Policy
Severe weather conditions or cancellation made by customer more than 72 hours before departure will qualify for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be issued.
  • This tour is 9 hours a day. Generally we start from 9am and end at 6pm. We can shift your schedule between 8am to 8pm based on your preference.
  • Entrance fee to Alishan Forest Recreational Area is TWD300 each which should be paid in cash at the entrance.
  • Alishan forest railway ticket between Alishan to Zhaoping one way is TWD100 each, which should be paid at Alishan Train Station when going to take the forest train to Zhaoping.
  • For those who take Mandarin-speaking driver service of this tour, you will experience a self-guided trip from Alishan Train Station, visit spots such as Sister Ponds and Giant Tree Trail, and meet your driver at Alishan Train Station before ending your tour and depart for Chiayi.
  • For those who take Mandarin/English guiding service, the guide will accompany with you during the whole trip in Alishan Forest Area.
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