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Private tours:
If you’d like to have a bit more freedom and flexibility in your trip without having to make compromises with other group members on things such as travelling pace and break spots, travelling on a private charter service is definitely the way out. In order to make it more affordable for everyone to enjoy the luxury of a private charter service, we’ve divided our service into three different packages:
Hiring a Mandarin-speaking driver
The Mandarin-speaking driver will act as your personal chauffeur for the day and will take you everywhere you want to go, no matter how many stops you need to make.
Hiring a Mandarin-speaking driver-guide
The Mandarin-speaking driver-guide not only drives you around but also provides a wealth of detailed information about Taiwanese history and of course the cities, towns and villages along the route as he drives; he/she will also accompany you to every attraction you visit.
Hiring a English driver-guide
The English driver-guide’s responsibilities cover everything mentioned above, and most importantly, he/she will look after overseas visitors who don’t speak Mandarin every step of the way.
Shared tours:
Although travelling on train and bus to many popular attractions is feasible, you might end up spending hours transferring and waiting for them to arrive. So why not join our tours, saving time to visit as many places as possible and meanwhile getting to meet other like-minded travellers from the same tour
Special tours:
Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a photography beginner eager to learn how to take great photos as our very own photographers always do, we have many more special tours coming up, ranging from two hours to a full day, to please travellers of all ages and interests. If you’re not one of those “planning” people, our planless tours will be a delight. Forget about all the hectic preparations, just jump in the car and let our driver take you to where the weather on the day of the tour looks best.
Shuttle buses:
Taiwan is a mountainous country, where 70% of the landmass is occupied by mountains, so many places are either not accessible by public transportation or impossible to be reached due to the overwhelming demand for train tickets. In such cases, we come as your saviour with our point-to-point shuttle bus service, allowing you to save time and frustration by sharing a vehicle with other cool people heading to the same destination.
You might want to know...

In Taiwan, many popular attractions can be accessible first by train and then by bus, but you won’t be able to make the best use of your limited vacation time as you could spend hours waiting and getting from one place to another. Not to mention the fact that once you step out of Taipei and Kaohsiung, there is no metro system anymore. And do you know that most gems hidden in the countryside and remote mountains can only be reached with the help of experienced drivers?

Of course, renting a car by yourself is always an option, but unclear traffic signs and a navigation system not available in English will only get you lost during the most of your trip. We all know what they say: “Getting lost is part of the journey.” But safety is nothing to snicker at. In Taiwan, many mountain roads are one way and can be dangerous if you are not familiar with them.

If you want to have someone during the trip to talk about the history, culture and current affairs of Taiwan with, or simply to have the craic with, we’re your people!

For a group of less than four, we propose a seven-seater yellow Toyota Wish for you to have more than enough space to put your luggage in. It’s a very economical option that we arrange with local taxi drivers. In such a safe country like Taiwan, you have no reasons to worry that your luggages might be stolen while being left in the car. If you’re hiring a driver-guide, the type of your sedan might vary, but a cozy, well-maintained vehicle less than five years old is guaranteed.
For a group of five to eight, a Volkswagen Caravelle that comes with nine seats will be arranged, so that every passenger can enjoy the utmost comfort and an obstruction-free view during the whole trip.
For a large group of nine to forty, we will send a bus and a tour guide to ensure the smoothness of your journey. However, due to the sheer size of the bus, some attractions located in remote mountain areas can’t be reached and will have to be removed from the itinerary.

Whether you’re a clueless, first-time visitor to Taiwan, a big fan of Taiwan eager to explore the undiscovered places/hidden gems/secret spots of this island, or simply a well-prepared traveller who has already had a rough plan but still needs it to be optimized by some real experts, you’re in the right place.

Our professional itinerary planning service is free and available to everyone!

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A family trip with elderly parents who would like to have a nice guide to talk with throughout the journey.

A honeymoon with a hired professional photographer who documents your special moments.

A solo backpacking trip aimed at conquering the highest peak of Taiwan.

In all cases, roundTAIWANround will be the right fit for your trip of a lifetime. Just book your flights and leave the rest to us: from accommodation, transportation to local guides, and everything in between.