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    No.7-1, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Collectors visit old military dependent villages, abandoned residences and flea markets to search for antiques. No matter it is signboard, posters, children’s toys or even farming tools, they collect whatever valuable and transportable in their warehouses, waiting for discerning restaurant owners to pick suitable decorations. Since around fifty years ago, opening retro restaurants have gradually become a fad. However, many had been unable to keep the customers and eventually closed down due to an overemphasis on restaurant decoration instead of food ingredient. In recent years, the fashion has revived with a focus on the presentation and flavor of dishes, making the retro restaurant a fine place for people to not only experience nostalgic atmosphere, but also talk about business with colleagues on weekdays or gather with families on holidays.

Located near Taipei Arena, Brick Kiln Restaurant collects Patriotic Lotter Tickets (similar to the lottery nowadays, but their main purpose was for development of national defense and economy instead of public welfare) that used to be popular but now are rare in addition to Tatung’s Baby (大同寶寶), threshing machine as well as dated film posters that are common in retro restaurants. Its size is incomparable with that of Banana New Paradise in Taichung or Taiwan Times Village in Nantou, but its dining space is roomy and cozy that customers may feel as if dining in a small museum. The dishes are reasonably priced with considerable portions more than you expect. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you come with at least three friends or families to ensure the variety of ordered dishes and the prevention of waste. There are two dishes we would like to recommended in particular, sponge cucumber with garlic, and oysters with youtiao (fried bread stick), which are distinct and rarely seen in other restaurants.


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