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    Wuhe, Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Wuhe Tea Plantation is located in Ruisui Township, Hualien County. It is situated on a river terrace southwest of the convergence point of the Hongye River and Xiuguluan River. Some tea plantation has been running for more than fifty years.

The famous tea in Wuhe is "Honey Black Tea", it doesn't mean that you add honey into the black tea. The tea leave is bitten by a tiny "tea leave hopper", the saliva of the hopper interact with the juice of the leave, cause a scent of honey flavor, hense its name.

The key factor of produce honey black tea is natural ecology and pestcide-free farming skill. If you you pestcide, all the tea leave hopper would be killed and no honey scent in the black tea. If you love to drink tea, pay a visit to Wuhe Tea Farm and taste the authentic "Honey Black Tea" would be a great experience in East Rift Valley.


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