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    No. 83-3, Zhouqing Village, Jhuosi Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 982

Located in Yushan National Park (玉山國家公園), Walami Trail (瓦拉米步道) is featured with waterfall, green forest as well as lots of suspension bridge along the way. Either an easy half-day hike or a two-day in-depth hike would offer you a great experience in eastern Taiwan.

For tourist who would like to enjoy a pleasant and easy hike. You can start from trailhead and pass through two suspension bridges. After two kilometers walk, you will reach Shanfeng Waterfall (山風瀑布). The cooling water spread from the fall will bring you the double-cooling treat after one and half hour exercise.

For an in-depth traveler who might want to continue forward and explore more about this trail, permit from both Yushan National Park and National Police Agency are needed. Normally for a two-day hike, the destination on day 1 would be a lovely solar powered Walami Cabin (瓦拉米山屋) with beautiful surroundings. It takes around six hour to complete a 13.6 kilometers hike with six hundred meters ascend. On the way you will see the splendid river valley landscape of the Lakulaku River in Chiaxin (佳心) as well as a historical trace called Kexipanan Memorial (喀西帕南紀念碑), which is a plaque commemorating the death of a Japanese police officer when Bunun Tribe fought with Japanese during the Japanese Colonial Era. In addition, the place where lovely Walami Cabin situates is a base of Japanese including a police station, a hotel, a school and a clinic. If you find some Japanese bottles, tools or coins in the grass, don’t be surprised.


  • 1. Do not enter into the trail when the sea alert for the typhoon is issued.
    2. Good physical condition is necessary if you want to completed two-day Walami hiking route.
    3. Lunch ,snack ,water, flashlight, raincoat and others critical equipment such as sleepbeg and cooking stuff for staying overnight at Walami Cabin should be well prepared for the hike.
    4. Permit from both Yushan National Park and Police are needed.
  • Opening hour:
    1.    Walami trail: 24hr
    2.    Nanan Visitor Center (Yushan National Park): 9:00 ~ 16:30, close on the second Tuesday of each month

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