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    Tongmen Village, Tongmen Township, Hualien County 972, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Mukumugi (慕谷慕魚) is one of the private spots in Hualien, featuring for its beautiful stream as well as aboriginal culture. The Qingshui Stream flows through the valley, forming lots of deep pool with clear water and grotesque stone. You can swim in the clean and clear water or enjoy “ pool jumping ”, which is a popular activity among the aboriginal children. Moreover, by visiting several vendor hold by local tribe people, you can experience indigenous culture and enjoy the local delicacies.

The name “ Mukumugi ” was directly transliterated from the local tribe’s language, which means “ What a beautiful place ”. This area was built by Taiwan Power Company for developing hydroelectric power. Now it is protected by local government for environmental concern. Therefore the number of visitors everyday is limited. It’s necessary to get Entry Mountain Permit to visit there. If you adore natural scenery, never miss this attraction.


    1. The number of visitor is limited (600 people per day), 300 people in the morning and 300 in the afternoon. In order to have a tranquil experience here, visiting in weekdays is highly recommended in order to get the permit.
    2. We will apply the permit for you only if you book our service 10 days in advance. However, if you book us within 7-days before you visit Mukumugi, we cannot guarantee the permit for you. 
    3. Local experienced aboriginal guide "Doyong" who come from Taroko Tribe could offer you in-depth Mandarin speaking half day tour, the cost is TWD3500 (max passenger of eight) and he can guarantee the permit with-in 3-days before you visit.

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