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    Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Ruitai Old Trail connects two towns, Ruili (瑞里) and Taihe (太和), and the distance of the whole trail is 5.2 km. This trail was built in 1870s, and it used to be the main walkway. Now, it is just a trail for hiking. 

The mountain area in Ruili was a hunting ground of Tsou tribe (鄒族), who is indigenous people of central southern Taiwan. In Qing Dynasty (清朝), Han people (漢人) started to do business with Tsou people. Hans traded hunting gears for lands with Tsou. Ruitai Old Trail was for commute and shipping. 

Bamboo forsest is the highlight of Ruitai Old Trail. Here is quiet and the sunlight is blocked by bamboo. This enviornment is like the place which master pratices Kong Fu. If you go further, you will see bamboo and trees grow side by side. This scene is rare in Taiwan. Once you reach the top, you can see the valley growing tea trees and betal nut trees.


Alishan - Giant Forest

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