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Located in Changhua, Lukang is the second ancient city in Taiwan. It has the world's only glass-built Mazu temple and a nearly four-century old wooden Longshan Temple, the latter featuring an antique Bagua caisson ceiling. In addition, in an old mansion standing on the old street for a hundred years, visitors can find traditional handicraft shops, as well as ancient stores selling street snacks and pastry desserts. Walking in the town, visitors encounter the old and new aspects of Lukang, by which they understand the early lives of Taiwanese ancestors. What's more, visitors can walk inside the huge Buddha statue on Baguashan to have a look on its interior. At the foot of the hill, Changhua Rail Roundhouse is one of the survived turntable-equipped locomotive garages. Besides, parents and kids flock to Wanggong Fishing Port, where they can collect fresh oysters and play on the sand be...