Hualien City

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Arriving by train, most visitors spend a night in Hualien City to prepare themselves for the next day's trip to Taroko Gorge. Therefore, Ziqiang Night Market and Gongzheng Baozi have become their shared memories. Yet they can only find the most unforgettable delicacies in some breakfast joints. Those who love water sports can go river tracing at Shapodang. Others who do not fancy something too exciting can take a whale watching cruise. Or, get on a bike to Hualien Brewery to have a glass of freshly-brewed beer. Visit Qixingtan, whose beach is covered with white cobbles, and listen to the rumbling noise made by military planes flying over. Watch the fishing boats ready to come ashore unloading the catches. Finally, return to the downtown, walk on the abandoned rails, and wander in a featured night bazaar.