Hehuanshan (合歡山) is a 3,416 meters high mountain in central Taiwan. The peak lies on the boundaries of Nantou and Hualien counties and is within the Taroko Gorge National Park. Summer is delightfully cool, and highly scenic as different alpine flowers bloom from May to September. Autumn and spring are wonderful time for hiking. In Autumn, there is a higher possibility to witness “sea of clouds”. With certain weather condition in winter, snow covers the landscape and definitely here is full of tourists.


Hehuanshan is 3000 meters above sea level. The air pressure here is around 35% lower than on the group. The temperature is around 5~15°C in day time, and around -5~5°C at night. It's fine for most people to visit here for short period. Taking photos and see this gorgeous scenery is no problem. However, it's not recommended to hike long distance trail, such as Hehuan Norht Peak or East Peak, if you don't exercise regularly. 

  • Wear heavy coats, gloves, and a scarf if you want to walk around here longer than 10 mintues, espeically when you see stars and wait for sunrise.
  • It's not recommended to visit Hehuanshan for elders, especially older than age 60.

Hotels / B&Bs / Minsus

There are only two choices of accommodation in Hehuanshan. Ski Villa is cheaper (TWD1000) and more like a 5~7 beds mixed dorm. Song Syue Lodge is a hotel with food service, and provide double bed private room (TWD2440~3700) and family room (TWD4250~5900). Due to thin air and low temperature above 3000 meters sea level, it's better to stay in Song Syue Lodge because of its well facility, especially for its heater. Booking advance is required.

If you prefer a fast and simple way to book your own accommodation, you may consider Agoda.com. If you book your accommodation via the link provided here, you will see our roundTAIWANround logo on the top header and we will earn 2% commision fee. There is no difference in room rates be it booking via Agoda’s frontpage or through our link. However, it will help roundTAIWANround keeps providing the latest Taiwan travel information, and we are able to spend more time and budget on taking good photos for readers like you. 

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Hi, we plan to visit hehuashan during dec'14. We would like to request a tour for 2 days. Kindly email me on the package price for 2 person thank you.
18 May 17:00
Hi Agnes, have you checked this page? http://www.rtaiwanr.com/tours/package-tours/hehuanshan I cannot see your email from here. Please send your request to service@roundTAIWANround.com Thank you.
18 May 17:32
Grant Lee

Hi, for the 1-day Hehuanshan Tour, we are planning to go on 17 Jan 2014. May we enquire the rate that you are charging for 2 pax and whether you are available on 17 Jan? Thanks!
28 Nov 20:42
Hi Tricia, we provide several different service. You may check this first, and send an email to us for your detail information. Thanks. http://www.rtaiwanr.com/service/transportation EMAIL: service@roundTAIWANround.com
28 Nov 20:44
Grant Lee

During Winter period (Jan 2014), will we be able to go star-gazing + sunrise?
23 Nov 09:42
Of course, as long as the weather is good. The best part of visitint Hehuanshan in winter is snow. You may see sunrise with white snow on the mountains. It's really beautiful. However, I haven't experienced it on my own.
23 Nov 09:46
Grant Lee